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OASIS INSURANCe - life insurance specialists

OASIS insurance

Life Insurance Specialists

Life insurance is about locking in where you want to be in the future by protecting your dreams and goals.

At OASIS Insurance, we provide:

Life Insurance

Income Protection

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

Trauma Recovery

Do I really need Life Insurance?

Regardless of age, your financial security is important. Life Insurance offers protection for what you have now, and what you hope for in the future.

Life Insurance is your safety net, it adapts to your needs as they change throughout your life, and ensures you stay in control. Deciding how much you need, and what products are best suited to you can depend on things like:

An OASIS Insurance Adviser can help you choose the best Life Insurance policy for you today and adjust it as your circumstances change, to ensure you only pay for the cover you need.

Protecting what matters most.

OASIS Insurance

Security and peace of mind

In Australia, the Life Insurance industry is heavily regulated, ensuring policyholders and beneficiaries are protected by:

The OASIS Insurance Process

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Step 3:

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