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What is Trauma Insurance?

Trauma Insurance is designed to help you afford the medical treatments of your choice, time to recover, and any lifestyle changes you may require in the event of a serious illness.
Every day Australians are diagnosed with a critical illness or sustain a serious injury that requires long periods of treatment and rehabilitation. Consider the impact this would have on your lifestyle, your family, and your financial commitments and protect the things that matter most.

Our Advisers can help you choose a suitable Trauma Insurance policy that will usually pay a lump sum payment towards things like:

Protection you can trust

for money


Payment Option

and Control

What do I need to know?

When considering Trauma Insurance, you should understand that every policy comes with different terms that outline:​
An OASIS Insurance Adviser can assist you in deciding if you need Trauma Insurance and how much you require. They will guide you in choosing the appropriate provider and policy by considering:
It’s also good to know that most lump sum payments from a Trauma Insurance claim are tax deductible and do not attract Capital Gains Tax. For more information, speak to an OASIS Insurance Adviser.

It's nice to know you’re protected.

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