Why Oasis Insurance?

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The OASIS Insurance Adviser Advantage

At OASIS Insurance, our qualified Advisers will guide you in choosing the appropriate level of cover should you become incapacitated or worse. We are here to make sure your family and loved ones receive the support you intended.

Unlike direct life insurance providers, OASIS Insurance:

assess your personal situation;

help you choose the most suitable insurance coverage options to suit your needs and budget;

ensure you have access to top providers with a reputation for paying claims.

underwrite your policy from date of application to protect you even if things change; and

When dealing with our customers, we pride ourselves on:







Why trust OASIS Insurance with your Life Cover?

50 years collective industry experience
Access to Australia’s top insurance providers
Over 2500 customers
High quality products with affordable premiums
Dedicated claims
Cover for customers up to
99 years
There are many providers out there offering a variety of Life Insurance products. It can be difficult to know who to trust and what cover you need. With any important decision in life, it is necessary for you to understand your financial position and any risks you face, and get expert advice or support you can rely on.

It’s a good life. Be sure to protect it.

OASIS Insurance

Our Insurance Providers

OASIS Insurance is supported by an extensive network of Australia’s top insurance providers, enabling us to offer our customers access to the best insurance products on the market. This means your OASIS Insurance Adviser can support you from your initial inquiry, through the process to securing the right cover at the right price, and in the event a claim is made.

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