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Brokers Can Now Offer Life Risk Insurance Products

Australian mortgage brokers can now unlock more revenue by offering their clients Life Risk Insurance Products as part of their mortgage package.

Aside from providing your clients with home loan options, you can now offer life insurance to homeowners so they can enjoy financial protection against illness, injury, and even death.

Through Oasis Wealth, you can offer different types of life insurance to your clients:

• Income protection insurance
• Trauma or crisis insurance
• Life insurance or death cover
• Total and permanent disability insurance


Diversify Your Revenue. Future-Proof Your Broker Business

Here’s a win-win opportunity from Oasis Wealth: protect your client’s income through life insurance and start diversifying your income.

By adding life insurance to your financial product portfolio, you are helping your clients protect their income, which is their greatest asset.

Think about it – if your clients don’t have income protection, how will they pay for their monthly mortgage?

Regardless of what may happen – sudden illness, injury, or even death – you can be sure that your clients and their loved ones will have enough cash to sustain their basic needs including mortgage repayments.

On top of that, by offering life insurance to your current and future clients, you can unlock another revenue stream from Oasis Wealth.

We are one of the only dealer groups to pay commissions weekly, helping client cash-flow.

To find out more about how you can start offering life insurance to your clients, contact an Oasis specialist today who can help you work out the most suitable AFSL business model for you.

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