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Exciting Opportunities for Financial Planners

Oasis Wealth specialises in General Advice for ease and efficiency, however our AFSL can also support Full Financial Planners who can run their whole practise through us.

Why Choose Oasis Wealth?

Australian Financial Planners can take advantage of the following benefits from Oasis Wealth:


Oasis has two main opportunities for Advisers and Brokers to earn additional income.
• General Advice Model – Offer Life Risk Insurance Products to your clients directly, using our quick and easy General Advice model.
• Referral Model – Refer your clients to our dedicated Life Insurance Specialist panel and receive an upfront fee for each successful referral.


Commissions are paid weekly direct to you. You can also build a Trail Book with recurring income value.


Add services to your client offering to maximise your client experience and increase your client touchpoints.

Low fees

We have one of the lowest fee structures in the industry, and we don’t impose compulsory or specific software

Oasis Wealth is a female-led company and we have a strong focus on adviser communication and support. We see ourselves as a supportive “friend” of Financial Planners, so we make certain that our services will help them become successful in their business.
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